Rimpy's Pop up Shop | Vancouver, BC



We had a blast covering Rimpy Sahota's pop up shop for her exciting new clothing line! Take a look at some of the night's events!
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-25
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-23
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-21
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-18
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-15
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-14
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-9
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-7
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-6
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-4
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-2
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-1
PopUp Shop-RimpySahota-Armaan-26

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